iBluever is an iOS application which enables Bluetooth Dial-up networking support (client mode) for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. iBluever has its owner Bluetooth and network stacks, you can connect your iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone to a Bluetooth Dial-up networking enabled phone, and then access the mobile network via the phone’s connection.

NOTE: If you are going to share your iPhone’s connection to other iOS devices such as iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone, please try iTether instead.

NOTE: There is a demo version of iBluever, please be sure to try to demo to make sure that your phone is compatible with iBluever prior to buying.

  1. It uses the low power Bluetooth wireless technology. The blued daemon used in iBluever supports automatically switch to low power mode when the connection is not so busy
  2. You can connect/disconnect iBluever connection from within the application.
  3. You can connect/disconnect iBluever connection from SBSettings toggle with one tap.
  4. You can connect/disconnect iBluever connection from Activator with a even simper gesture.
  5. Automatically start iBluever connection when screen is unlock and WiFi is not associated, will disconnect when WiFi is available or screen looks.
  6. It support iPod touch 2G/3G/4G, all iPhones and iPads.
  7. Generic Bluetooth DUN(Dial up networking) support, if your phone(Nokia phones, Android phones with PDANet, Blackberry phones and etc) supports this profile, you can use iBluever to use your phone’s mobile connection.
  8. Modem scripts support for a wide range of phones.
  9. Bluetooth serial port is supported as well, you can share your Mac/PC’s connection to your iDevices
  10. Custom DNS support
  11. Data usage statistic
  12. Proxy support
  13. Free life time upgrades

Loading apple.com with iBluever connection

Ondemand support
Auto start when screen unlock while WiFi is unavailable
Auto stop when WiFi detected
Connection inspector

Settings 1
Settings 2
Select device vendor

Select connection type

DNS configuration

Proxy configuration

Beside Dial-up Networking service, able to connect serial port services

If you need support on this app, Please mail the developer from within the iBluever app. Comments here may not be replied.

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