AirBlue Sharing

Bluetooth OBEX File transfer and AirDrop for iOS. Sharing made easy!

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Send from iOS to Android

Send from Android to iOS


Send photos directly from Photos app

An incoming transfer

Now you can send the photos taken by your Phone 4[S] to your friends’ Nokia, Blackberry, Android and etc. The Bluetooth sending speed is up to 170KB/s. You can send a good photo in a few seconds.

Certainly, you can exchange files with your Windows, Linux, Mac as well.

Besides Bluetooth, it supports WiFi transfer between iOS devices, just like the AirDrop for your iOS.

– If your two iOS devices is in the same LAN, AirBlue Sharing will try to use WiFi connection to transfer files, speed up to several MB/s. You can send a video file in seconds.

– If you are on road, WITHOUT any WiFi connection,  AirBlue Sharing will automatically setup P2P WiFi connection between your iOS devices, make sending files that simple!


  • Transfer files between Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, MTK, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS devices.
  • Bluetooth transfer speed up to 170KB/s
  • WiFi P2P support for iOS transfer
  • WiFi P2P works even without a WiFi hotspot
  • Send/receive multiple files to/from multiple devices, you do not have to wait it to complete
  • Integrated with system apps like Photos, Contacts, iPods, Videos, Notes, iBooks and etc.
  • Send files from the _free_ iFile
  • Send files from apps supports “Open in …”
  • Import received files into system applications such as Photos, Musics, Videos …









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